Lower Thirds for OBS Studio


Lower thirds for OBS Studio using HTML, Javascript and CSS.

This project is based on After Effects template by Amaksi http://videohive.net/item/lower-thirds/10338608, and Matt Chestnut https://codepen.io/mattchestnut/pen/dMrONe.

Can customize the lower thirds on url via parameters. For example: https://obs.infor-r.com/lower?id=3&line1=OBS&color1=ffffff&line2=Studio&color2=cf4c4e

Note: Source code on Github page.


Parameters available

  • arrow_forward_ios id template number
  • arrow_forward_ios line1 text for first line
  • arrow_forward_ios line2 text for second line
  • arrow_forward_ios color1 first hex color code
  • arrow_forward_ios color2 second hex color code

Templates available

  • arrow_forward_ios Type 1 color1: all text; color2: symbol /
  • arrow_forward_ios Type 2 color1: second line; color2: first line
  • arrow_forward_ios Type 3 color1: first part of text; color2: second part of text
  • arrow_forward_ios Type 4 color1: all text; color2: symbol |
  • arrow_forward_ios Type 5 color1: all text; color2: all lines


  • Open OBS Studio
  • Add new source of type Browser
  • URL
    • Use Customize to generate the URL
    • Click in preview
    • Click on generated URL to copy to clipboard
  • Select "Shutdown source when not visible"
  • Select "Refresh browser when scene becomes active"
  • Example:
Note: desactivate and active the source to get the lower third animation.


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
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